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Want a quality tops

Conquest of the peaks of quality is directly related to the modernization of production. Having won the trust of consumers tasty foods, meat Kalinkovichsky does not stop at the achieved results, developing a strategy and systematically moving toward your goals.

Staked to retool - without it is impossible to move forward. The volume of investments from year to year. Introduced new equipment, improved working conditions, welfare and recreation workers.

Over the past three years made very much. Among the most important projects of the reconstruction should be noted slaughterhouse. In accordance with the requirements Sanitary separated zone of slaughter. Now, thanks to a clean area of the established systems of ventilation and air-conditioning ambient temperature does not exceed 12 ° C. Thus, ensured compliance with sanitary norms for butchering.

Today begins the reconstruction of the refrigerator. Expectations of professionals associated with reduced energy costs and improving the quality of raw materials. This project has special importance due to the increasing proportion of chilled meat in the total volume of its implementation.

In the sausage shop created a new Department of liverwurst. Mounted homogenizer German firm Karl Schnell. The introduction of modern technology eliminated the process of precooking fleshy material. It is possible not only to reduce production time, but also save raw materials and energy. In addition to improving the quality of sausages, new equipment has made it possible to expand the range of products and produce baked pies and jellies. The growth rate of production-Liver pate group increased to 160% compared to last year.

Having studied the preferences of customers, introduced technology product packaging in modified atmosphere with a machine MULTIVAC. This has greatly improved the consumer and transport packaging, aesthetic appearance of the product, to ensure safety and health standards, to extend the shelf life of products. Thanks to modern packaging increased the sales of manufactured products to the domestic market and for export.

For climatic ripening smoked and dried sausages has two cameras cold smoked Austrian company Zorgo. As a result of improved product quality, increased production volumes.

Experts interested in the plant technical innovations and successfully find foreign and domestic partners to implement their ideas. As one of the best, not inferior to the Austrian and German, has proved Belarusian equipment manufacturer "KOMPO." Brest enterprise has set clippers, needles and machines for grinding of frozen blocks. As the reviews of technical staff, "KOMPO" delivers good equipment, and provides affordable quality service.

The plant is not only concerned about the increased production, improved quality, and expansion of the range, but also the improvement of the delivery stage. On the territory of the company built a new garage, where conditions for maintenance and repair of machines. Today transportation shop has more than 50 pieces of equipment that allow you to provide timely and quality delivery of products. By the end of the year plans to purchase seven new machines.

Great importance is attached and intellectual modernization, which means the increase in the level of professional competence and initiative of professionals of all areas of activity. They visit the largest and most advanced enterprises in Belarus, Russia, the countries of the European Union. Sharing experiences can be used to combine the best practices that exist in the meat processing industry.

The main component in the work of the leaders of the company - about people. Constantly expanding package of social benefits and guarantees. This year's guide slaughterhouse each insured employee to 9,000,000 rubles. It has enabled people to receive medical care or attention in any city of the country. The enterprise has a dining room, a hostel, a health center, a dental and physiotherapy rooms, a gym. To increase the level of labor discipline provides monthly financial incentives in the form of their own production to the amount of 500 thousand rubles.

Recently, the personnel policy of the company is aimed at attracting young graduates of higher and secondary specialized educational institutions. Youth and comes attached to the plant. Young professionals are provided with accommodation in a hostel, financial support, paid decent wages. The enterprise value youth, realizing that it is a huge potential, this is the future.