Milestones in history

Annals of «Kalinkovichsky meat» back to 1930. During its existence the plant was significant and historically important stages of development.

1930 — Ptitsekombinat Belptitseproma - the so-called new company, which was formed in Kalinkovichi then, and who later was to become the modern meat-packing plant. It involved the purchase of poultry, its fattening and slaughter. The company was located in a barn plank, which was later attached ice-salt refrigerator for storage of poultry and rabbits.

1941-1944 — The German occupation. In the slaughter and fattening shop now produced slaughter. Director of the Poultry Processing Plant was shot. The enterprise was virtually destroyed.

1945 — A decision on the organization of production in the sausage shop Kalinkovichi slaughter. The room was clearly not fit for this purpose - not even electrified.

1950 — The renovation and reconstruction of workshops, enhanced mechanization of production processes, was let down by electricity purchased production equipment.

1953 — Decision of the Council of Ministers of the USSR and BSSR poultry processing plant was renamed the meat and handed in meat and dairy industry.

1954-1957 — Construction of a new Kalinkovichy slaughterhouse. The development of his project involved Riga Design Institute «Gipromyasomolprom.» Production processes in the shops were as mechanized. Go to the shops, dining room, which is held steam heating. Also built a modern piggery for 600 heads.

1958-1982 — Much has been made on the reconstruction of production, improvement of working conditions. Meat processing plant has significantly increased its production capacity.

1982-1985 — For the first time in the country on the fridge of the company was introduced to the air distribution system intrachamber refreshing moisture.

1985-1996 — The tireless and painstaking work on the implementation of the most advanced equipment to improve the technology. Expansion of the product portfolio and improving its quality. Start using polyamide membranes. Heat treatment products provide universal thermal camera ASCA. Successfully introduced the technology of production of small packaging, vacuum-packed.

1997 - The company reorganized into an open joint-stock company «Kalinkovichsky meat», launched production of canned food, open area for production of souvenirs of the horny hoof material.

1998-1999 — Improvement of production, the introduction of new technologies: the commercial production of cooked smoked (salami), sausages on a fast track technology maturation using additives company «Giulini», «Van Hayes,» «MOGUNTIA.»

2000-2001 — Reconstruction in the sausage shop. Installed new universal camera for thermal treatment of meat products firm «Pek-mont», massagers for smoked meat.

2002-2004 — Further improvement of production, the introduction of new technologies, improving the quality of products. Commissioning of the climate chamber for drying and ripening of smoked and dried sausages Austrian company «Birch Weasel.»

2004 — To of «Kalinkovichsky meat» attached loss-making enterprise SEC «Zelenochi» and converted into agricultural branch «Zelenochi.»

2005 — The introduction of international quality management system that meets the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2001.

2006-2007 — targeted efforts to improve the quality of products, the expansion of its product range. Modern equipment in a sausage shop: vacuum cutter, ice machine, vacuum filler, automatic clipper. The reconstruction of the boiler with the transfer of 2 boilers to natural gas.

Considerable work to strengthen the material and technical base and the development of the branch «Zelenochi»: the construction of new barns for livestock, dairy unit and a modern milking machine.

2008 — Considerable work to improve working conditions and technical upgrading of production, which substantially changed the meat and fat body, a refrigerator, a sausage shop, the expedition. In order to further improve the quality of products purchased and installed new equipment in a sausage shop: Syringe «Compo» many-needle syringe, packing machine semi-water purification plant.

2009 — Developed and implemented a system of quality management and food safety based on hazard analysis and critical points of HACCP. Conformity has current QMS requirements of STB ISO 9001-2009. The company is certified veterinary service of Russia and Ukraine. The work on the re-equipment and modernization of production. New equipment: top for chopping meat, vacuum packaging machine, machine for cleaning carcasses, skinning machines cattle, separator and centrifuge the sweat of fat.

2010 — Further modernization and technical re-equipment of production. Strengthening the material-technical base of agricultural branch «Zelenochi»: the purchase of modern agricultural equipment, construction of two new sheds for keeping cattle and calves.

2011 — Modernization of the meat and fat production septum and a modern line for slaughtering and processing of cattle and pigs. In the sausage shop has two climate chambers for the production of raw sausages.